"Hai's Auto Repair was recommended to me by my father-in-law he said " they are honest and you can trust them"  he followed me to the shop (HAIS"S REPAIR"1")  on El Cajon Blvd around 40th Street (THE OLD SHOP) That was over 8 YEARS AGO !! 
I drive a 1997 Toyota Tacoma with over 263,500miles. I know with the care I have received from Hai's my truck is going to make it over 300,000 After every truck repair  I would drive off and my truck would run great.. re leaved knowing I would not have to replace my favorite truck, Even last year when I almost gave up you where able to repair it and now it runs better than ever.       

Bottom line  You have saved me a lot of MONEY!

I have recommended Hai's Auto Repair to family,friends and co workers and all have become happy and satisfied customers.

Angie...I give you and your husband and all the guys in the repair shop FIVE STARS for the past 4years of service you have provided me!  I will be in soon to get my windshield replaced!!"

​-Tammy D


"This place is the best.  Honesty is rare amongst mechanics.  I've been ripped off so many times, it's nice to know there's at least one honest shop in San Diego.  Here's how I know they're honest:

1. Saw a lady come in to pick up her car and asked how much it cost.  Angie (lady that runs the shop) said "No charge."  Lady disagreed, grabbed about four or five $20 bills and threw them on the counter.  Lady immediately walked away.  Angie grabs the money and runs after the customer to hand her back her money.  o_0.  Bizzaro world, right?

2. Took my car in for a smog.  Said catalytic is bad (check engine light was on).  I could either pay around $600 for the part, or I could try some magic cleaning fluid in the gas tank for $15.  I chose the magic fluid, drove it around for about 100 miles (as she instructed).  Did I pass smog?  You bet.  Most mechanics wouldn't even dream of offering this $15 magic in a can.  Hai's did.

I could go on and on to try to convince you, but I'll end with this: I've been taking my car here for the past 5 years.  A collegue of mine has been taking his cars here for the past 10+ years.  There's a reason for this, and it's called honesty."

-Mike H San Diego review

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